About Us

Commercially Aware delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to students and young professionals with the view to enhancing their commercial awareness skills. Our vision is to reach as many students and young professionals in the world with our commercial awareness message through our daily newsletters, weekly Market Wrap-Up, YouTube Channel, research journals and social platforms. 

In line with our objective of creating a more commercially aware community of students and young professionals especially in Africa, we aim to set up a Commercial Awareness Society in every university across Africa. The Commercial Awareness Society offers members the opportunity to attend our fortnightly meetings where they can direct discussions, concerning what they have identified to be the current and relevant commercial issues at the time of the meeting and how these issues affect businesses. 

We also organise Open Days at the office sites of our partners/sponsors; workshops facilitated by entrepreneurs and corporate professionals across industries; and networking events for students, school leavers and young professionals. We hope all our efforts aggregate into broadening the African student’s horizon and increase her opportunities anywhere in the world. 

Ultimately, we seek to make our readers and/or members more employable by demystifying finance and aiding understanding of current relevant commercial issues and their impact on businesses and economies. 

If you are interested in collaborating with us as a guest speaker or sponsor please email info@commerciallyaware.net or commerciallyawareng@gmail.com

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