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Africa of My Dreams

Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea comprised of different ethnic groups with over a population of 188,462,640 people.  The world’s 32nd largest economy in terms of land mass and also the “giant of Africa” as referred to, but whom really has lot to work on.  The world’s 8th largest exporter of crude oil yet more than fifty percent (50%) of her citizens strive everyday just to make ends meet. A country among Africa’s largest economy due to oil reserve yet with profound corrupt government and retarded infrastructural growth.

I have never worried that the dreams of the next generation are not big enough, the only question I have asked myself is whether the African society can create an enabling environment where those dreams can be realized. The youths comprise large proportion of the working age population, which implies that by 2030, over half of the workers entering the global labour force will come from Africa.  About two-third (2/3) of Africans live in abject poverty, a situation where people hardly get to eat three square meals per day without stress. Therefore, the need for entrepreneurship as the catalyst for economic growth and development comes in place. The best way to eradicate poverty and foster economic growth is to empower the citizenry through investment in entrepreneurship ideas across Nigeria and African globe by providing mentorship support and funds for startups, especially those conceived by the youths. The youths are the “supposed” leaders of tomorrow, providing adequate opportunities will not only help in actualizing their dreams but also lead to a reduction in the world’s crime rate. It is evident that various crimes, violence acts, gangsterism, human trafficking and all sort of illicit acts are largely perpetuated by those within the youth age bracket.

Moreover, technology doesn’t hold all answers, infact it raises new questions. My dream is that one day the government can do more than just encourage innovation, they can also lead the way themselves. Creating a right environment for technological innovations and leveraging digital tools, will lead to transparency, stronger accountability and delivery of a better life for every human. The fall in Gross domestic product per capita in Nigeria and many African countries is alarming and makes me wonder what the future really holds. Therefore, there is an urgent need for an inclusive world growth and a constant increase in the standard of living.

Lastly, when human freedom and liberty is largely respected and protected – people prosper. This implies that Nigeria in a bigger sense, Africa must undertake necessary reforms in order to attain the level of prosperity and maintain a reasonable world standard. It is impossible to uphold individual liberty, preserve free market economic system without an efficient and effective rule of law. Rule of law is simply the equality of every man in the presence of the law. My dream is that one day, the world will realize the importance of rule of law.  Many African countries rank at the bottom of economic freedom, where rule of law and governance is not existing and where it does exist the hungry politicians hijack it in order to satisfy their political ambitions, they wield the law in their own favour. A functioning of the rule of law is needed to punish those who violate human freedom, an unbiased system which will bring all criminals to book for example murders, fraudsters, corrupt politicians and leaders. It is sad to always hear that hundreds of African migrants die in the Mediterranean trying to cross into other part of the world.  They face risks in desperation in search of better economic opportunities, those who made it through end up increasing the population of other countries and have to struggle to survive. These people are running away from the continent plagued by dictatorship and poverty.  My dream is that one day, they will not see the need to take this deadly risks and this can only happen in a prosperous and balanced world.

‎These are my dreams about Nigeria, Africa and the world, they paint a picture of what kind of continent I want to see in the future and I do hope they come true one day.


Author: Yhunus Ibrahim

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