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Apple Plans to Make its own Chips

By Aliyah Busari

Apple makes a further step in their plan to build more efficient chips for their products by agreeing to a £454 million deal to bring in-house Anglo-German Chipmaker Dialog Semiconductor. The power management technology will be licensed to Apple and 300 people who work for the company will now join the Apple team. In recent years, the Chipmaker has been working with Apple more closely and some were worried they were too reliant on the tech giant for their business – it stands at approximately 75% of their revenue – especially when there were rumors Apple were aiming to be less reliant on their external supply chain. Now Apple has committed £227 million to its technology and a further £227 million for all its future products for three years concerns have been alleviated. The deal is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019 as long as they get regulatory approval. Many believe that Apple could launch a new virtual reality product around the same time. 

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