Drug Culture in Nigerian Higher Institutions

by Egwuatu Ogechukwu Peace

As an undergraduate, it’s not uncommon to know someone who smokes weed. You’ll probably even have a neighbour who consumes it or similar substances especially if you live off campus. Afterall, the codeine diet was quite a hit in Nigeria. Psychoactive substance use has seeped into the system and is becoming a fixture. It’s almost quite normal. After going through some researches, I discovered that almost half of the students have at one time or the other involved in substance use the most common being alcohol, coffee, tobacco, Indian hemp. As these substances are not only dangerous to the health of students but also pose a threat to security with their influence on cultism and violence, it has become pertinent to find a solution.

What’s the solution?

In research paper after paper, one sees the same thing. Sensitisation. Would that really do it? At least as far as I can remember, drug abuse had been taught each school year in secondary school. In fact it was the number one theory question in the SSCE exams! Though not as loudly hammered, it is taught in higher institutions also and I must admit, you kind of forget about it after a while. However, is that really the solution? I mean the average Nigerian undergraduate has it somewhere at the back of their mind that substance abuse is dangerous but it hasn’t stopped so many. Perhaps I’m wrong and it is the solution but if I’m not, what could be?

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