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Gerontocractic President of Cameroon gets sworn in for Seventh Term.

 Cameroons 85 year old president Paul Biya was sworn in for a seventh term after disputed elections and amid mounting unrest in an English speaking region. Biya has actually ruled the country for 36 years, since November 6, 1982 till date, and he was declared victor in the October 7 vote with 71 percent of the ballot. However the said election was marked by low voter turnout, violence and allegations of fraud. It also worthy to note that he’s Africa’s oldest leader. The concluded election of October 7th had its results disputed by the opposition. However, the dispute and allegations surrounding that election has not stopped the swearing in ceremony, as the all-time president of Cameroon, was on Tuesday, sworn in for the seventh term of office. Commentaries have it that the plans to swear in the president had sparked off the kidnap of the students and teachers on Saturday. But this is yet to be verified as the reason for the kidnap.

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