Finance & Investment, Weekly Wrap-Up

September in Retrospect: Finance & Investment Wrap-Up

In September, the following occurred on a national and global level concerning finance and investments:

  • S&P 500 Index is headed for new highs accorded to Evercore with ETFS trading at 52- week highs while European, emerging markets slump
  • Shares in the Shanghai-based rival to Tesla, Nio, jumped a staggering 76% in New York on Thursday.
  • JPMorgan offers 60,000 credit card points to sign up for its new Sapphire bank account, equivalent to toughly $900 in travel money
  • Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has fixed the effective date of Electronic Funds Transfer services in the country at October 2nd , 2018.
  • Nigerian banks have been deeply affected by the sell-off in the stock markets with lenders trading at depressed valuations (using the P/B ratio measure for banks).
  • The National Bureau of Statistics released the CPI for August, country’s inflation rate rises from 11.14% to 11.23% from July to August.
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