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Visibility & Networking Twin Keys For A Career Growth Door

Constant growth along the career curve demands both creation and sustenance of value as well as cutting edge professional networking skills and visibility.
It seems to be that a lot has been said about networking as it has been described severally as being over flogged, however, its importance cannot be overemphasized. Professional Networking simply means engaging distinct individuals in your career field who will help you gain insights as well as attain career goals. Networking is majorly linked with visibility as the former is a means to the latter.

Is there always someone whom everyone seems to know about in your organization? A particular person who gets most of the tasks or whose opinion is asked for a policy implementation. If yes, you may have wondered why they get noticed even when other people with similar ability still exist.
Don’t wonder so far, the simple reason for such occurrence is VISIBILITY
Visibility in career development terms refer to conscious steps taken by an individual to advance his strengths so as to gain prominence along his career curve and contribute meaningfully towards the overall growth of the organization. Simply put, Visibility is STRENGTH

In today’s world, hard work isn’t the only prerequisite to excel in your career, if the right persons aren’t aware of you, you are likely to miss out on opportunities.

“The only thing better than what you know is knowing someone who knows

you know what you know.

Hard work is the foundation and visibility are the building blocks for a zenith career. Visibility makes you a first choice for opportunities: Once you exhibit stellar performance in a task assigned and key people are aware of what you did then you may be given further opportunities. Ultimately, working on various opportunities will help in increasing your abilities thus developing you personally and professionally.

There are various steps one can take to become visible in an organization and they include:

BE VALUE ORIENTED: A value oriented individual remains an asset in any organization. Being innovative with sustainable ideas can catapult you to being visible in any organization. You are seen as a solution bringer ready to address and tackle any throbbing issue. If your
solution is utilized, your strengths are made known and the overall development of the organization is achieved. However, even if it is not utilized, your ability to speak up and present ideas is retained in the subconscious of the management of the organization.
ENGAGE IN CORE PROJECTS: Visibility is increased by being involved in challenging assignments be it new projects or a project nobody wants. Look for projects that are key to the overall growth of the organization and key into them. When you accept these projects and make meaningful contributions with your skills so as to bring it to fruition, your strengths are made aware.
NETWORKING: As stated earlier, networking is a means towards visibility. Professional Networking simply means engaging distinct individuals in your career field who will help you gain insights as well as attain career goals. Through networking, you can learn about failures, accomplishments and outcomes of some decision taken by distinct individuals in your career field. Also, they can connect you to bigger platforms and opportunities. Networking can be done online through social media platforms like LinkedIn or by attending both meaningful social and professional events. However, it is important to note that efficient communication is key in the
art of networking.
PROFESSIONAL BRANDING: This can also be called purposeful marketing. As you network, you should begin to highlight your innovations, efforts and achievements howbeit tactically and strategically. The best way to do this is to assist them achieve their aim while at the same time selling your brand. Take for instance, there’s a discussion going on in your organization as regards a project, you could chip in that your team with you as the lead once addressed such challenge and was able to surmount it using a sustainable innovation you created.
In that way, you have successfully sold your brand while helping the other team achieve its goal or solve a problem.
Be Strategic in Social Media Presence : Be strategic on LinkedIn, Twitter, even Facebook- anywhere you’re connected with professional contacts and use those platforms to communicate about what you want to be known for (sell your brand).

Create a Brand. Be the Brand. Sell your brand.

In Conclusion, after all said and done, Visibility is not self-sufficient, it stands on the tentacles of hard work and excellence, without which it is meaningless. Remember it is strength awareness not weakness awareness.

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